MDE to MDB Converter: Is it Possible to Convert MDE file to MDB?

In this article we are going to discuss about the methods for MDE to MDB Conversion. Before going in brief we will know about Access Database MDB & MDE file format. Later on we will continue with the topic MDE file conversion.

What are MDB Files?

MDB files known as Microsoft database, it is an Access Database created in MS Access Application that consist of tables, macros, forms and other items. All this items are stored in single database file and the format of file is MDB. MDB files are the major storage entities of MS access that hold all the database information. This format is supported by MS Access Application 2003 and before version.

mdb to mde

What is MDE Format?

The MDE file format is a special extension of the standard Microsoft Access MDB format or is a compiled MS Access database Add-in file used to distribute an Mdb File to multiple user safely. MDE is a compiled MDB from which all the editable source (VBA) code is removed and database becomes compact. Only normal database operation can be performed in this MDE file as user has no access to design view. It restricts user to make any changes to the objects that support, or the code that runs the application.

IS there any MDE to MDB Conversion Services For Microsoft Access?

User can recover tables, queries and macros only because these objects don't have any code associated with them. The code in an MDE has been converted to an interpreted or compiled format. There is nothing in human readable format available to retrieve. So there is no such MDE to MDB converter that can get back VBA code behind all modules and forms created in MS Access database.

To get export and only the tables and macros from MDE file to MDB file user may try to Convert MDE to MDB file try below steps:

If recovery is not possible then in short one must have the original MDB file with them. It is always recommended to keep original MDB file while creating MDE file or always keep a backup.

Final Thoughts on MDE to MDB Conversion

Sometimes it becomes difficult to kept MS Access database safe. Due to various reasons these mdb file get corrupted or damaged. This is the case where user working frequently on MDE file may need to convert MDE file to MDB file but he finds no way. User may try safe & secure method to repair MDB file rather than conversion. User might not know how to repair database on corruption. Sometimes downloading unsecure tool can lead to virus in the system and system files get affected. To protect system from unwanted threats and to repair access database, download our Access recovery tool as it is complete safe, secure and free of every type of threats.